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Oil, sanctions, war.

Discussion found in Syrian Perspective

This commentary was originally published in Zerohedge a few days after the original post below, i put it on top because it serves as a perfect prelude to the other comments.


the idea here is not to avert ww3 at all, that's a done deal.

In fact all indications are that it has already started. what
we are seeing now is the ramp up phase which happens
only after the involved powers recognize that war is now inevitable.
NATO is now moving on the two major fronts, dedicating large
amounts of manpower and heavy equipment to the eastern
european front and preparing equally on the MENA front via the US,
Turkey, France and Germany. sure the Saudi's and other Arab gulf
states may go in first but this is a NATO vs Russia conflict make no
the thing is in order to sell a war that is guaranteed to be
devastating to all involved NATO must be viewed by the public as
halving no other choice but to commit. you can see this narrative
already taking shape with the hysteria levels of anti-Russian, anti-
Assad propaganda that has completely taken over our MSM on a
daily basis now. in fact ISIS is barely even mentioned anymore,
everything, from the "Russian's and Assad are slaughtering
everything that moves in Syria" to the constant barrage of
"Obama's not doing enough" op-eds and "Turkey is pissed
Washington is supporting the Kurds" is all just a part of the that set
up. it's all for the purpose of prepping us for the day when the
TOTUS announces that NATO did everything possible to avoid war
but now there is no other option.
it's the exact same game, the identical script they ran just before
attacking Iraq.
also let's not forget that it was john kerry himself that said right
before the doomed peace talks that if they were not successful
then Turkey and Washington were ready to go with a military
solution. so, what are we supposed to believe that the empire just
changed it's mind in the last week?
only an idiot would believe that. all this recent talk of "pushing
diplomacy" and "there is no military solution to Syria" is complete,
sheeple feed bullshit tripe. the talks were designed to fail to help
build the case that war is necessary.
oh and incidentally it appears that the Russian's have in fact found
a military solution to the Syrian crises. which is at least part of the
reason we are now on the eve of destruction, with that doomsday
clock about to tick over those final three minutes to midnight.
ironic really, Russia's effort to end one smaller war has accelerated
the start of an immeasurably larger one. a war all of us will be
lucky to live through and there is no guarantee any of us will.
it's all well and good for kerry to spout lies and drivel about
diplomatic solutions and such but when the alliance that his
government heads is moving large amounts heavy military
equipment right up to Russia's border in a blatantly aggressive
posture the actions and words don't exactly add up. the Brits are
even deploying five more warships to the Baltic's to join the NATO
flotilla in countering "Russian aggression". couple that with the
dozen of so absurdly biased stories I read today saying that
Moscow was going to invade said Baltic's at any moment and it's
not that hard to see that we are now way to far down the wrong
so Russia and Putin are evil, Assad is evil and poor Washington is
desperately trying to find diplomacy while being dragged feet first,
kicking and screaming "I don't want to!" into a war by it's allies who
keep telling us that DC just isn't doing enough to save the
sure. sorry but I'm not a lemming and I'm defiantly not walking off

that cliff as I've already seen it a few times before. 

Lance says:

Muslim Dude,
Not disagreeing with your points, but I don't think things are so clean and clear. As an example, at a high level, US policy towards the Ukraine was to prevent it from joining the Eurasian Union. Russia very much needed it to be in that due to the population/market, and the Russia-leaning industry. That industry is going to be wiped out and the market will be pitiful for a long time due to the collapse. This was a big win for the US, and a big loss for Russia. Gaining the Crimea was a significant achievement, and it avoided a terrible problem for Russia. But Russia has been harmed greatly. Russia's economy has been its weak point, and now it is even weaker. Sure, Putin et al. did a very good job in a lousy situation, but we need to be realistic about the losses for Russia.

Similarly, there are a number of important things going on in the world that are not good for those of us who oppose the Anglo-American Empire. The TPP, for instance. This is bad news for China, and very good news for Western corporations. In South America, things don't look so good. The reality is that the media are overwhelmingly pro-Western and people want the American Dream. Same as in the Ukraine. And the oligarchs are pro-American or pro-Spanish, too. So the BRICS may have to ignore Latin America for five or ten years, as the US may be too strong. Not good, but Russia and China have no practical way of influencing media or social institutions there. There was hardly a Russian "social" presence in the Ukraine, and we saw how that turned out. China doesn't have much of a "social" presence in Vietnam or the Philippines as near as I can figure. Taking money from tourists is not the idea. The idea is things like media and NGOs and social groups.

The US may decide to abandon the Middle East and concentrate on Europe and Asia. This might end the tragedies we have seen lately, but it is a far cry from the end of US imperialism. The US abandoned Vietnam at one point, but empires take a long time to bring down. As long as the US prints the money for free, it will be hard to get countries to resist American bribery.

If there was no god we might need to worry, but all power comes from the Lord.
Syria's emerging victory is 100% due to this being the will of the Ineffable.
If people have suffered, previous actions have a big part to play in that and that is true for all of us; remember it doesn't matter if you don't believe in karma because karma believes in you.

But positive change will come, although it might be painful for some but very agreeable for others. Don't be surprised if it is very precise and very dramatic.
Get good with god and all will be good.

the Thylacine says:

No-one is a prisoner of karma.
Lord Krishna told his disciple Arjuna the archer, 'Remember Me -- and Fight!'
The Battle of Kurukshetra was fought over two millenia ago to preserve India as a holy nation where incarnations could be born. Arjuna and Krishna defeated the evil forces that day.

The living master has suffered for Syria, (as I have banged on about here), and He will not allow her to fall.
This is not a matter of belief. The master's doctor told me He came near to death in 1974, when the Dark Forces had drawn their plans against Damascus.
The brave soldiers of Syria display high spirits and righteous pride, and I have seen them praying in all kinds of places. Their karma is so bright, we cannot even look upon it.

 Moot. says:

Some Valid points that merit consideration. That said, the analysis is incomplete, How so? Try playing chess only looking at the adversary's pieces.

So to contrast your opinion i offer some pojnts to ponder:
1. the economic crash is politically more destabilizing to the Mafia running the US than to Russia: witness the difficulty the criminals in Washington are having in designating an insider (Clinton/Ted Cruz Vs. Sanders/Trump).
2. The analogy proposed bypasses the issue of legitimacy of command embodied in the popularity of V. Putin in his own country and the fact that the russian population does identify the sanctions as an act of war and are therefore more resigned to the economic hard times than the US population that at this point is entering the second leg of the great recession initiated in 2008.
3. TPP is a plus for the criminals, not the population of the US; the way it is being shoved towards implementation is going to arouse a strong response throughout the 12 countries involved and will become more a surce of instability than hegemony.
4. "Printing money for free": That is exactly the solution the Federal Reserve found for bailing out the too big to fail/jail banks and corporations. That 'Solution' is exactly the noose that's tightening at this point around the remaining healthy sectors of the US economy. With prices of oil plummeting, ironically, one of the main switches that controlled the speed of money creation has been short circuited and created another mass of toxic debt (which will snowball into a trillion usd of defaults) in all the producing marginal fields of the midwest. It is crucial to remember that the whole of the 3 mbd of extra supply the US is supplying is being produced and sold at a price 50% to 80% below its cost of production.

Fields producing at a loss.

It is a complex game, Both Russia and the US face hardship ahead.
The big question is: which population is aware of the existential wager set down.
I propose that V. Putin has spoken the truth to its population while the US has constantly used deception, therefore the US citizenry has no idea how far it can fall, how hard it can crash.

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