domingo, 26 de enero de 2014


Days have elapsed since the last post so its fair to do a little update.  The day of the last post 1BTC stood at $168 and now stands as of this writing at $1,012 for a 600% gain. The range of businesses accepting BTC has increased dramatically as can be attested in Coinmap. with monthly increases in the 30% range. So far so good.

How are the other coins doing?  The chinese government has announced that it is shutting down conversion of Renmimbi to USD until the first days of february read about it here. Janet Yellen at the fed has not reversed Ben Bernanke's happy printing spree of the USD and the Eurocrowd does not have the slightest idea what to do about the sinking USd and its own sinking economy. with this kind of turmoil it is easy to predict another stellar year for BTC. it's own momentum plus the growing turmoil in the world assure its place as a currency transmitter king and gives untold mobility to capital never heard of before.

The investing environment keeps getting richer in both good opportunities and the usual scams and frauds... rmeember, if you are reading this: if its too good to be true... it probably is. BTC itself is more than amazing to try to venture out into the wild west of companies that are asking for btc for their startups. Use your own judgment and never put all your btc in a single basket.

Next order of magnitude jump in BTC valuation should come around january 2015 so the best strategy is to sit tight  and let the monetary armageddon of the rest of the world proceed apace...

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